How To Pick Up Women And Not Come Across As Creepy

Don’t be that guy who creeps women out when making an approach… Press play on the video and discover the Number #1 thing that guys do and how to easily avoid it. This has got to be the Number #1 Creepiest Pick Up of all time. What guys do is send a dick pic as […]

Using Tinder To Pick Up Sexy Cougars

Click play on the video to find out if Tinder is the best place to pick up sexy cougar women. Today I’m doing some myth busting about a commonly held belief about cougar women. The term cougar is bantered around a lot especially by media and some ‘other’ dating experts. It’s used in association with […]

How To Be The Perfect Playmate – Cougar Dating Online

Cougar dating online is a scrutinizing process and below are some important tips to help you with being her perfect cougar playmate – 1. Your Profile She’ll check out your profile to see if it matches her ideal criteria. Does the blurb about you read well? Is there plenty of information, and is the spelling […]

Crucial Online Cougar Dating Tips for Newbies

Crucial Online Cougar Dating Tips for Newbies

If you have just joined an online dating site looking for real hot cougars it can seem rather daunting. Sometimes the apprehensiveness can be like the nerves you experience  in a new job on your first day. That’s understandable – pretty much everyone is anxious about new things. The problem is, this can lead to […]

I Really Like You – Cougar Seduction

Show me a man who doesn’t like a good project and I’ll show you a sorry, sad and twisted soul. Dramatics aside,  we’re not talking about about the high school terror of finishing a project the day before it’s due, I’m talking about personal endeavours done from your own delight, that allow you to have […]

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